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View educational and informative videos to learn more about general hearing health, the latest hearing technology, and what is going on in the world today about hearing loss and deafness.

Tetra Hearing Protection Review - The Best Hearing Protection For Hunting?

Tetra Hearing Protection Review - The Best Hearing Protection For Hunting?

Tired of ringing ears after shooting? Are you looking for new hearing protection for hunting this season? Our Tetra Hearing Protection REVIEW should tell you everything you need to know before you buy! How do the Tetra Alpha Shield devices fit? Are they comfortable. Will I be able to wearing this hearing protection for hunting all day? Do they really work? How can I hear people talking AND have hearing protection at the same time. Do they enhance turkey gobbles? How are the Tetra Alpha Shields built? Will they last? What do other people say about the Tetra Hearing Alpha Shield? Should I buy these things? At Review This Thing, we always cover the FACTS: You can fast forward to the time stamps below if you're interested in a particular subject. Start: 00:00 Fit: 0:54 As Advertised: 3:28 Construction & Durability: 5:57 Testimonials & Reviews: 9:08 Should you buy this thing?: 10:24 If I haven't answered all your questions about the Tetra Hearing Alpha Shields just ask in the comments below, and I'll be happy to try. Also comment below if you like the video and/or if you already have this hearing protection for shooting and have some input. Check out these links for more information (some of these links are affiliate links which means I may make a very small percentage commission at no cost to you.): Walker's Silencer Review: You can follow us on Instagram: Facebook: And, take a second to SUBSCRIBE! *All opinions are mine, honest, and true. I did receive this item free for review; however, I am not paid for any reviews.
A Few Words About Hearing

A Few Words About Hearing

From crowded concerts in North America to combat zones in the Middle East, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the biggest public health threat you haven't heard of—even though hearing loss is more common than diabetes or cancer. Untreated hearing loss can affect overall well-being, including brain, heart, and mental health, and lead to social isolation, depression, falls, even dementia. NIHL also impacts school and job performance, which can have lasting effects on already at-risk communities that are disproportionately subject to louder environments. Too few of us recognize that NIHL can occur at any age due to sounds that are too loud. Damage to hearing can happen within literal seconds. Just as people changed their behavior as they became aware of the cancer risk from secondhand smoke and sun overexposure, Hearing Health Foundation (HHF)—the largest nonprofit funder of hearing and balance research in the U.S.—is mobilizing to grow a major culture shift around hearing health and protecting hearing. Because, with more than six decades of awarding scientific research grants to develop and improve cochlear implants, hearing aids, ear surgeries, and now find a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus—we know a world where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy life—without hearing loss—is well within our earshot. Produced by PICROW for Hearing Health Foundation Director and cinematography: Peter Lang Editorial: Joseph Remerowski Produced by Lisa Rucker and Lucy Martig Executive Producer: Anthony Ficalora Sound Recording: Peter Commans Gaffer: Ken Appel Grip: Kelly Flood Assistant Camera: David Leyse and Chris Mack Camera Support: Eastside Camera Services Producers for Hearing Health Foundation: Timothy Higdon, Yishane Lee, Helen Garrett Special thanks to all the wonderful people who spoke up for this video. Also grateful to Dan Bell, Maria Vanessa, Kyle Townsend, and Bonnie Abaunza. 🦻 #KeepListening to learn more truth behind #tinnitus and other preventable damage to your ears: 🗣️ #PressPlay on the video above to hear from nine people from all walks of life—among them veterans of the military and the music industry, a former music producer, a structural engineer, an entertainment writer, and a graduate student suffering from chronic tinnitus—explain in their own words how, when, and why they would’ve taken action sooner—if they only knew what they had to lose—permanently. #TinnitusSucks but it’s not too late to #ProtectYourEars and #KeepListening HELP US SOUND THE ALARM: ☝️Subscribe to our YouTube channel above to #KeepListening and get research updates 👉Follow Hearing Health Foundation on,, and 👉Check out for how to develop healthy hearing habits for life. ✌️Learn more about our funded research at Hearing Health Foundation aims to prevent, research, and cure hearing loss and tinnitus through groundbreaking science and to promote hearing health. For more than 60 years, we continue to be the largest U.S. nonprofit funder of hearing and balance research and related conditions, including an international consortium of top scientists working to find better treatments and a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus. Our early-career awards focus on basic science as well as the under-funded research areas of tinnitus, Ménière's disease, auditory processing disorders, hyperacusis, pediatric hearing loss, and Usher syndrome.

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