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"Hear for the Holidays"

Now that the holiday season is here, you want to be sure you are hearing your best when spending time with family and friends.

Holiday parties, social gatherings, and family get-togethers can be frustrating and uncomfortable if you struggle to catch the conversation because of hearing loss.

Discover some helpful tips on how you can improve your hearing and communication for the holidays and feel reconnected to your loved ones!

Tips for Better Hearing

  • Reduce Background Noise: Background noise makes it harder for anyone to hear. Try to stay away from busy areas such as the kitchen where dishes are clinking. If the TV or music is too loud don’t be nervous about asking to have them turned down.

  • Ask for Clarity: If you didn’t catch something someone said to you, ask them to repeat themselves. It’s better to ask for clarity than to ignore them or hear them incorrectly.

  • Find a Good Seat: If you are attending a dinner party, where you sit at the table is important. Find a seat at the table where you have a good view of everyone’s faces. This will make it easier to follow the conversation.

  • Wear Your Hearing Aids: If you have hearing aids, then you should wear them! Hearing aids will help you hear the conversation more clearly and be able to understand the conversation. They can also help reduce background noise, so you can focus on speaking to the person in front of you. If you don’t have hearing aids, there’s still time to get them and begin getting used to them before the holiday parties really ramp up.

  • See a Hearing Care Professional: Before you plan on visiting your family or hosting a get together you should have your hearing checked, especially if it has been a while. An up-to-date hearing evaluation will let you know where your hearing is and if you need a readjustment to your hearing aids.

Reconnect with Your Family

The holidays are a time for reconnecting with the people you love. Don’t let hearing loss keep you from joining the conversation. Try these tips and see if they make a difference at your next family gathering.

Give yourself the gift of better hearing by scheduling a hearing consultation! Call a hearing health profession to have your hearing examined or to have your hearing aids checked.

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