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Healthy Ears and Diabetes

Healthy Ears and Take Charge Of Your Diabetes

Did you know that diabetes can harm your hearing and your balance? The good news is you can take steps to hear well and reduce your risk of falls. You've already taken an important step by finding this guide!

Provided by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this guide provides:

  • Tips to keep your ears healthy.

  • When to visit an audiologist.

  • How can diabetes harm your ears?

  • What are the signs of balance problems?

  • What you should know about hearing loss.

  • Manage your ABSs (blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol)

This resource can teach your family about your diabetes and the ABCs so they can help you!

Healthy Ears_Take Charge of Your Diabetes_May 2022_Hearing Today
Download PDF • 652KB

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